Our personnel policy is to -

We are a vibrant Company with over 3500 direct and indirect employees. It is a rare mixture of cultures, that of over 95 years old plantations and the dynamic and ever changing world of fast moving consumer goods industry.

Whenever the need arises to recruit new people, we scan internally and promote people, if otherwise, we advertise suitably and a thorough screening process is in place to get the best people to work with us. After scrutiny of all the applications, people are called for a preliminary interview at the level of Director (Operations), followed by a panel interview. Having finished with all the interviews, references are checked and a decision is evolved.

Once recruited, an orientation is arranged by way of special policy and instruction note. It is ensured that the best working atmosphere is provided to the people so that they can deliver the best.

We provide a career growth based on performance and an attractive market based pay along with need based & value added training to prepare employees for future growth.

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