All purchases are made from the local markets of Siliguri. Only on special cases goods are ordered to vendors in Kolkata or other places. Contractual agreements are made with few suppliers of raw materials and utilities for regular maintenance of supply chain. Thorough inspection and quality checks are made to each item supplied.


Accounts are maintained at two levels. The garden maintains its own accounting for payroll and other local payments whereas the Head Office maintains all corporate accounts, bank accounts, creditors and debtors account etc. We follow the Indian GAAP for book keeping and accounting. Qualified Chartered Accountants are regularly visiting the property to check the records and report anomaly, if any.


Bank is a major source of finance for the company besides Directors' contribution and unsecured loans. Regular dispatches ensure flow of funds at distributed intervals thus maintaining the operations. Past few years have not been as good as expected and thus presently the company is undergoing a major financial crunch. We are making all striving efforts to overcome this momentary problem.


From the very beginning, we realized that to consistently produce high-quality teas, we would have to keep pace with the latest technology and techniques. Every new crop of tea produced by Debpara represents a challenge for constant improvement.

Being a member of TRA, leads to downward flow of technological improvements and quality up-gradation techniques.


Once the teas are packed, they are brought to Siliguri for Auction Sales and stored in Tea Warehouses. We sign contracts in the beginning of the year with leading tea warehouses to store our produce.


From the moment, the tea leaf is harvested, until it is packaged and sold, complete data is recorded at each stage of processing and an exhaustive daily report is generated. This implies that every invoice made is completely documented, starting from the raw material used, section, elevation, climatic conditions of the day and the processing parameters including withering, rolling, drying of the lot.

A custom made software has been developed. This has gone a long way in helping to streamline the various processes which has greatly enhanced the "consistency" factor, ensuring that Debpara has come up with the best quality tea, year after year.

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