Production Products : Farm Fresh range includes Sliced, Diced, Chopped, Granulated as well as powder products. We also supply toasted and fried products.

Production Process Of Fittings : The master batch of required polymer fed into the hopper of moulding machine gets heated as it passes through the barrel. During every cycle the measured quantity is fed into die cavity. On cooling the component is ejected and the next cycle starts.

Application : Farm Fresh Dehy. Onion and vegetable products are used in soup dry mixes, Pizza toppings, sauces and many other food preparations/applications.

Features :

  1. Long life, convenient, user friendly and ready to use, easy re-hydration, good aroma, taste and nutrition, free of foreign matter.

  2. Meet ADOGA, EU and other international standards / regulations.


ISO: ISO 9001 and HACCP certified by RWTUV, Germany.