Production Process Of Pipes : PVC Resin mixed with chemical additives and inert material to form a ready-mix for extrusion into pipes. The compound gets heated inside the extrusion parrel and the melt is pushed forward by the screw. The die and mandarin shape the molten mass and the calibrator fixes the size. The extrude shapes, cooled and hardened through cooling tanks is pulled by the haul-off continuously. The cutters cuts of pipes of required sizes.


Production Process Of Fittings : The master batch of required polymer fed into the hopper of moulding machine gets heated as it passes through the barrel. During every cycle the measured quantity is fed into die cavity. On cooling the component is ejected and the next cycle starts.

Features :

  1. Light weight.

  2. Non-corrosive

  3. Rigid but strong

  4. Easy to handle

  5. Long life

  6. Highly economical

  7. We undertake Turn-key Projects- Concept to Commissioning.


ISO: ISO 9001 certified by RWTUV, Germany
“Recommended for 14001-2004 EMS certified by TUV NORD, Germany”.

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